What people are saying...

Katie Chait

Tara is an amazing coach! She is inspirational and motivating. Her method of coaching is unlike anyone else I had worked with previously.

1. She works with clients to assure the lifestyle created can be maintained.

2. She assures her clients that no one is perfect and that the road to a healthy lifestyle is learned over time and not one night.

3. Keep track of clients via app and provides comments on entries accordingly. She gives you the tools you need to be accountable for healthy eating/living

While I lost 20lbs I gained so much more than weight loss; I gained confidence in my lifestyle, I learned how to eat healthy while not counting calories & a positive outlook on my weight loss journey past having weekly check-in sessions.

If you're looking for a positive lifestyle change, give Tara a call she will help you in the best way possible.

Christina Taber-Kewene, Founder of CTK College Coach and Mother of 4

I accidentally put on 10 pounds during the pandemic. Losing weight after age 40 was a new situation for me, but Tara helped me very quickly and healthfully drop the extra weight and in less time than we predicted I would need. She is just the right mix of knowledge, patience, and a little tough love when you need it. I could not be happier, and I recommend her to anyone who is ready for a successful approach to nutrition and weight loss! Moreover, I feel confident that I have developed better habits around food that will help me maintain my weight into the future.

Jennifer Cole, Mom of 2

Tara is an amazing, supportive and balanced guide to wellness and eating. I had spent thousands of dollars trying and failing various plans. Tara’s approach worked right away and I reached my goal weight without issue and without feeling like I sacrificed enjoying food.

I have a lifestyle now - not a diet. Throughout my journey, Tara never skipped a step- always offering support, new recipe ideas, restaurant advice and whatever else I needed in a moment. I’ve recommended her to friends who are also thrilled with the approach. Not to mention, my husband started copying me and lost 10lbs:) She is simply the best!!!

Katie Kuchinsy, Veterinarian and Mom of 3

At 42 and after 3 kids, I never thought I could feel this good. Tara's program taught me to eat mindfully. I have made simple changes- higher fiber, lower carbs, more whole foods-and I'm down 18 pounds and counting. This isn't a diet, it's a lifestyle change

Dr. Yusun Gohard, Dentist and Mom of 2

I just completed my 6 weeks session with Tara!! My experience was amazing!! I am a busy working mom with 2 young boys. I constantly had body aches and weight gain in the past 3 years. I desperately needed to change my lifestyle and develop a new healthy route that can work with my schedule. Tara made it possible!!! Instead of a meal plan, I was able to modify my meals and not feeling deprived. I not only lost weight but also acquired a skill that will benefit my life. I would recommend Tara to everyone!!

Donna Herley, Mom of 3

I've really enjoyed working with Tara over the last 4 weeks. She has taught me a new way to approach weight loss, where I never feel deprived. She has helped me find clever, tasty and healthy substitutes for foods that I know I shouldn't be eating. She is so practical and well-versed in this area - I trust her implicitly and I'm getting RESULTS. It's working- I'm down 9 lbs!

Abbey Kuster-Prokell, Art Director at Martha Stewart Living and Mom of 2

Tara is a terrific health coach. She is extremely knowledgeable about nutrition, weight loss, and overall health. She meets you wherever you are on your journey, and tailors a specific meal plan (with recipes!) to your individual goals. Tara strikes a good balance between being compassionate and encouraging while also holding you accountable for your decisions. She listens to areas you are struggling and offers viable solutions. I highly recommend Tara to anyone looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Lauren Chapman, Designer and Mom of 3

10 lb loss in 4 weeks, a knowledge of my body, what's working, what's not...that intuition that is so hard to learn. Tara provides you with the tools to get there, and quickly! Tara does personal deep dive with you to empower you to get you to your goal. She's always available to her clients and only a call/text away when you're headed to your local restaurant to provide some advice and options of what will satisfy you. It's not a diet but a better way of life and eating.

Elizabeth S., Mom of 2

Tara helped me meet a weight loss goal I've had for a while, but couldn't achieve on my own. Through her science-backed education, recipes, shopping lists and belief in me, I was able to lose 12 pounds in 5 weeks while enjoying food and feeling satisfied. It's a lifestyle change I will stick with. Thank you, Tara!

Victoria Zuccaro, College Student

Being a Full time college student meant that I had little time to prioritize my health while trying to adjust to the new environment around me. I found myself constantly gaining weight. This is when I knew I needed Tara. Working with Tara has completely changed my relationship with food. She has counseled me 24/7 during the process, taught me how to cook homemade meals, portion size for my body, and showed me the best options to choose while eating out. From this, I have lost 10 pounds. I have never felt more energetic and comfortable in my own skin. Not only did I gain this, but the relationship I grew with her is truly indescribable. Her knowledge and dedication in this field should not go unnoticed. I would highly recommend Tara to anyone struggling!

Lauren Biehl, Equity Analyst

I can’t say more positive things about Tara and her approach to wellness! I’ve struggled to drop excess weight from a demanding work schedule that requires lots of travel, client entertaining, and little sleep. In the last month, she’s helped me drop over 8 lbs by creating customized meal plans and being my support system around the clock. With my PCOS diagnosis in my teens, I’ve always had a hard time staying on a diet that keeps me feeling full and doesn’t cause headaches or dizziness. While working with Tara, I haven’t had any of those issues and continue to see the weight fall off. Tara is a great health coach and can help you reach your goals!

 Aliza Rozman-Nigra, Realtor, Mom of 3

Tara is amazing! I went to her to jumpstart my weight loss. She was exactly what I needed. She gave me meal plans, recipes and the support I needed! She truly taught me how to eat not just for a diet but for a lifestyle change. I lost 13 pounds in the first month and continue to lose. I cannot recommend Tara enough! I truly believe she has changed my life! - Aliza Rozman-Nigra

Alexis Kuchinsky, Head of Compliance and Mom of 2

Tara, I can't thank you enough! In my 4th week of your "6 Weeks to Sleek" program, I have lost 10 pounds. I didn't even think that was possible. I have never been successful on a diet before, but this program is SO EASY to follow! I never feel hungry or deprived. I go out to eat, and I even drink alcohol. The weight has literally melted off. You and your program are the best! 

 J.G., Vice President, Mom of 3

I ate healthy and exercised, but the pounds crept up. Then I listened to a friend and registered for Highway 2 Well's "6 Weeks to Sleek" and it has made ALL the difference. I'm down 11 pounds and only 1 pound from my goal weight. Tara's high fiber meal plans were easy to follow and my entire family loved her recipes. She even went through menus of all of my local lunch spots and told me exactly what I should order. This program is exactly what you need if you have stubborn weight that just won't budge. I can't recommend this program enough. - J.G.

Tom, Communications and Dad of 2

Tara is realistic about her approach to weight loss and she understands that 'hardcore dieting' for extended periods of time isn't compatible with living your life. Not only am I a fan of her approach and 24/7 support, BUT I am also a very big fan of losing 25 pounds in 6 weeks doing it her way...the right way!

 N.O., Stylist and Mom of 3

My husband and I have tried Highway 2 Well's meal delivery program and we both really enjoyed it. I decided I needed more of a jumpstart with Spring coming, so I started working with Tara one-on-one. She created a program for me that easy to follow and I lost 8 pounds in two weeks! I like that I have to be accountable for what I eat when I check in with her, and she's so easy to talk to. I'm learning what foods to eat for weight loss and what to eat to maintain it once I've reached my goal.

Interior Designer and Mom of 2

In the first week of Highway 2 Well's "6 Weeks to Sleek" program, I lost 7.3 lbs! I was really motivated and Tara's program makes it so doable. I have so much energy that my husband and children find me annoying.

Vanessa Primack, Attorney and Mom of 2

When I started working with Tara, I was exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. With support, encouragement and real, specific and obtainable ideas and options, Tara focused on helping me make small, sustainable changes. Always supportive, never judgmental, and always funny, Tara really helped me change the way that I eat and interact with food. I no longer worry about what I eat and I now know what works for me and what doesn’t. Did I mention the 14 pounds that I have lost? That was the icing on the cake.

Lawyer and Mom of 4

As a busy mom of four, I always put my family's needs before my own.  The result was that I was overeating, stressed and exhausted. During Highway 2 Well's 6 Week’s to Sleek, Tara guided me every step of the way, helped me set realistic goals, and completely transformed my relationship with food.  I continued my weight loss journey with Tara past the 6 weeks and have lost over 40 pounds. I expected to lose weight on Tara's program, but I did not expect it to have the impact that it has had on my overall wellbeing.  A couple of weeks into the program, I feeling better both mentally and physically than I had in a decade.

Stylist, Business Owner, and Mom of 2

A huge THANK YOU to Tara Roscioli and Highway2 Well! In the short time that I've been lucky enough to work with Tara, she has changed my life. I've lost 9 pounds, but that is just an added bonus. I feel revitalized, have gained so much energy, and I finally understand my body and what works best for it. I feel better than I ever have. Most importantly, I have achieved my ultimate goal- I finally have the relationship with food that I always wanted but could never attain. I couldn't have done this without Tara. Her advice, guidance, information and support make reaching your goals, whatever they are, more manageable than you ever thought possible. I could never thank Tara enough or sing higher praises for Highway 2 Well!  

Julie Pauly, Owner of The Able Baker

Here are a few things I loved about Highway 2 Well's meal delivery service. Tara planned the menus and prepared the food herself. Everything tasted great, and I was never hungry so I never cheated (which is crucial in my line of work!) 5 weeks and 13 pounds lighter having worked with Tara, I feel refreshed and inspired!

Jennifer Greenberg, Hearth Realty

This was the 2nd time I signed up for Highway 2 Well, and I was not disappointed!!! Each meal was delicious and filling!! The combination of fresh ingredients took the guessing out of eating healthy for the entire week - Thank you!!

Devon Canastra, Mom of 3

I have done the 5 day Highway 2 Well meal plan a few times now and have loved it every time! Most recently, I did it to help with my sugar cravings while breastfeeding. With three small children I was in a bad habit of snacking all day instead of having meals and was missing protein and vegetables... and I really felt it. Tara’s food is delicious, super fresh, the menus have a range of flavors and I did not feel hungry. I felt like I had a better sense of what my body needed to work well and had more self control over my snacking after the 5 days! Thank you so much, Tara!

Stacey Futterman Tauriello

3 months post-partum and needed an easy healthy kickstart to cut my cravings since my hormones were coming back full force. Decided to do it and my husband did too! We did the 5 day Highway 2 Well meal plan (Monday - Friday) and we both feel amazing. We lost about 4-5 pounds each but never felt starving and it cut our sugar cravings. Food was so yummy! Highly recommend!

LaRue May Rhodes

I just finished a three day 'reboot' of delicious meals and snacks yesterday from Highway 2 Well. I feel so refreshed and energetic today! The food was absolutely fabulous and the juices were refreshing. I will definitely make this part of my life a few times per month! Thanks Tara! Your talent on the kitchen is amazing!