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One of the greatest challenges my clients face when pursuing a healthier lifestyle is finding the time to prepare healthy meals for themselves. Let’s be real here…our regular crazy lives don’t stop just because we want to eat healthy or lose a few pounds. We have to actively carve out the time to work our new habits into our daily routine. Meal prep and grocery shopping can be incredibly time consuming, and they are the first to fall by the wayside when things get stressful at work or home.   This was the reason the Highway 2 Well meal delivery service was so successful - it allowed me to nourish my clients with delicious high fiber and nutrient dense foods, and it took all of the guesswork and preparation out of healthy eating.

While I absolutely loved feeding my clients, it didn’t afford me the opportunity to really get to know them and serve them on a more intimate level. So, while I continue to build my nutrition counseling program, I have entrusted the feeding of my clients to Sakara Life meal delivery service.

Sakara Life meals are truly life changing. Their organic, whole-food and plant-rich meals are prepared with ingredients that have been sourced from trusted suppliers and organic farms that use healthy, sustainable agriculture practices. Each meal is beautiful and colorful, and created for you with nothing but love. I wouldn’t trust my clients to anyone but Sakara, and I am so honored to partner with them.

So kick up your feet up and let Sakara do all of the meal preparation for you.

First time Sakara Life clients enjoy 20% off any 3-day or 5-day Sakara meal delivery service with code XOHIGHWAY2WELL.


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