Meals 2 GLO

I lost the bloat, gained energy, and felt overall refreshed. I was even told by a friend I was glowing!


The food on MEALS 2 GLO is delicious and the program is genius…I lost 6 pounds in 5 days!


A one-on-one consultation, followed by 5 days of the most delicious, healthy and very filling clean meals!


Meals 2 GLO

Enjoy a 5-day meal delivery program consisting of organic and plant-based foods designed to help you reduce bloat, lose weight and let you glow from the inside out.

You will receive a total of 15 meals and 10 snacks delivered to your doorstep (3 meals PLUS 2 snacks per day) during the course of your 5-day program. All of the food is organic, plant-based, gluten-free and dairy-free and is freshly prepared the morning it is delivered. Nuts are used in the preparation of certain meals, however we will accommodate special dietary requests, within reason.

You can expect an insulated Meals 2 GLO tote filled with 2 days worth of meals and snacks (Thursday’s bag contains one day of meals) delivered to your door on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Leave your empty tote on your doorstep or with your doorman on delivery days and we will exchange it with your new delivery. The last bag is yours to keep. Please wear it proudly around town.

What sets Meals 2 GLO apart from other meal delivery programs? Unlike most programs, we go the extra mile and provide TWO snacks to ensure you are never hungry. You will also have DIRECT access to Tara herself—your very own personal chef and health coach who will provide you with telephone or email support throughout the course of your program.

Currently delivering to clients throughout New Jersey and New York City. Meals 2 GLO can be shipped for an additional cost. See here for a sample menu.